James Gaudette

Corporate Recruiting Executive

I met Dave around 2010 when I was an executive recruiter at Cognizant.  Though we did not do business together during my time there, we built a good relationship and kept in touch. I really liked his easy communication style and his knowledge of the IT recruiting space.

In 2018 I joined Brillio, a Digital Transformation Solution and Services company, as their first Corporate Recruiting executive. Dave stayed in touch and was my go-to recruiting partner to help me fill difficult positions for Sales, Client Partners, Practice Directors, Delivery Leads, etc.

I believe that Dave is one of the best in the recruitment field.  He had an uncanny ability to find me exactly what I was looking for after just one or two conversations. His knowledge of the industry, specifically IT services, his professionalism, and his ability to find the right match – to really understand the role and the position – stood far from the pack of other recruiters I worked with. He really understands people’s motivations – whether it was money, recognition, or challenge, and he builds a deep level of trust with candidates.  Most of the candidates have known Dave for years so I could instantly get access to a deep and wide network of qualified candidates.

One of the difficult parts of completing any search assignment is closing – and that is where I think Dave excels. He works harder than most and knows just when to push and pull and that is an art more than a science. He could easily work in any corporate recruitment role but he is far more successful running his own company.

I highly recommend Dave!