Sajee Sivaraman

Global Talent Acquisition & HR Professional


I met Dave in 2016 when I was part of the Global Talent Acquisition team at Brillio, a global digital and data solutions company. He was incredibly personable and knew our space (IT services) very well from a talent perspective. Within a short time, he helped me fill multiple account executive roles.

About three years later in 2019, I joined Grid Dynamics, a technology services company. Grid Dynamics did not have a sales organization, so we had to build from ground up. Dave became my # 1 trusted partner because he helped staff critical sales executive roles and cloud partnership roles. Growth has been our # 1 objective at this phase in our journey and Dave was instrumental in bringing the right talent in; most if not all have stayed on since 2023 which is impressive given the high churn of sales and partner roles in technology.

About Dave:

Dave is probably the best I have ever seen in the technology sales and client partner recruiting roles.  He understands these roles extremely well and more importantly, what motivates people. He has what I call a “built-in human algorithm” to match the right candidate with the right role. He also has great intuition knowing when clients and candidates are committed and serious or just looking around – so his screening ability has saved me a lot of time and money. He is extremely transparent about not under or overcommitting the skill of a candidate or the success of a hiring firm.

I love his constant communication style. He is always on top of his game and does rigorous follow-ups with the client and candidates. It shows how committed and passionate he is to work. Few hustles like Dave.

Finally, like most things, it comes down to personal relationships. He has built and maintained a huge network of professional contacts over the years which he can tap into anytime. You can only do this if you are likable and valuable like Dave.

I highly recommend working with Dave!